Class of "62" 60th Reunion Planning

To:  All Members of the great Paul D. Schreiber Class of '62:
I'm writing to share some good news (we all certainly could use some) about two events that we're planning to hold in connection with our Class' Big 60th Reunion Celebration.   
First, a September 12, 2020 Zoom Cocktail Party:  We will be holding a Class of '62 Internet Pre-Reunion Cocktail Party on Zoom this September 12th at 7:00 p.m. (EST)/4:00 p.m (PST).  Your "formal" invitation to the party is attached above.  To join the party on the 12th, all that you need to do is click here.  Steve Rohde and Diane Shields, two of our star entertainers, will help us all reacquaint with one another and have a great time in the process.  Also attached above is a list of all of our living classmates that Marty Gall has put together with (where known) their email and home addresses and their phone numbers (and spouses' names).  If you notice that there any any errors or necessary updates to your information (or another classmate's), please send any corrections or updates directly to Marty at:   
Second, our 60th Reunion Weekend in 2022:  We have targeted the weekends of:  (i) September 9-11 or (ii) Sept. 30-Oct. 2  as probably the best ones for the 2022 Reunion.   We're trying to schedule it in conjunction with the Fall Weekend that Pride in Port will be holding its big celebration in 2022, but they have not selected that 2022 weekend yet.  The Manhasset Bay Yacht Club has kindly allowed us to reserve the Saturday nights for both of those weekends until we decide which Fall weekend we want for our dinner dance party.  Besides a Tour of Schreiber and hopefully a home football game with a Tent before the Game, none of the other events for the Weekend have been planned as we're still over two years away.  If anyone has a good idea for an event/location, please tell someone on the Planning Committee.  The Planning Committee currently consists of:  Jeff Futter, Pat Ciardullo (Moore), Steve Rohde, Diane Shields, Bonnie Harding, Geoff Hatch, Rob Hyde, Marty Gall, Liz Palmer, Janice LeVeen (Wright), Peter Thompson, Ellen Garwin (Makofsky), Rene Lubinsky (Neiman), Eileen Beck (Tyrrell), Shirley Zigman (Shalett), Roger Winter, David Yorck, Anne MacInnes (Thelin), Christie Bayles (Callahan) and Lynn Resler (Pearce).  If you would like to join the Committee, please let any of us know and we'll be delighted to add you to the group.
Looking forward to seeing all of you (virtually) for a fun evening on September 12th and please stay well till then --
Jeff Futter (on behalf of the Planning Committee for the Class of '62's 60th Port High Reunion)